Casino It’s All About Money

Modern day casinos are not just establishments which house restaurants, hotels or are just tourist attractions. They have evolved over the years from simple betting to elaborate games with specific rules and regulations. The exhilarating feeling and the adrenaline rush which you get when you know you are going to win, is addictive. In addition, several casinos stage standup comedy, theater as well as concerts, to entertain customers in every possible way.


The word casino has an Italian root ‘Casa’ meaning small summerhouse or villa. The meaning of this word began to be understood as a building meant for pleasure, which would have stood on a large palazzo or Italian villa. These buildings were used for listening to music, dancing as well as gambling. In modern Italy, the term ‘bordello’ is used; this means closed house where gambling takes place is now known as a casino.


The origins of gambling are still quite uncertain but Chinese records state that they date back to 2300 BC. Then the Ancient Romans and Greeks were also known to have had it as part of their society, as well as other cultures across the world. The popularity of the ‘game of chance’ increased as time passed. The first recorded gambling house in Europe was the Riditto, Venice in 1638. Here, controlled gambling took place during the season of the carnival. Eventually this establishment was shut down in 1770 because the government was against it.
‘Saloons’ began to crop up all over the United States. The major saloons were located in St Louis, San Francisco, New Orleans and Chicago. These were places where travelers could gamble and get a drink. Then, around the turn of the century, gambling was deemed illegal. In 1931 it was legalized in Nevada. This gave rise to the first legalized casino hotels in the States. In the year 1978, Las Vegas was joined by Atlantic City.

Casinos and Gambling

If you are old enough to have a driving license, then you also have the license to gamble. At a casino, customers can play and bet on many games. These are forms of ‘the game of chance’, which requires skill and intuition. Video poker, baccarat, roulette, craps and blackjack; just to name a few. Most of these games are mathematically determined. This ensures that the house is in a more favorable position than customers at all times, which is known as the ‘house edge’. Sometimes casinos make presents to their guests.

Over 900 casinos operate in the United States, and an increasing number of states that are legalizing gambling. Gambling is now legal in 38 states, where some form of gambling is practiced. However, Las Vegas has retained its top spot. When a player wins, they are given a reward by the casino, known as ‘payout’. Then if a customer stakes the money they won at the house, it’s known as ‘playing with house money’. Some games like poker where players play among themselves, the commission taken by the house is known as ‘rake’.

Casinos all over the world are trying to provide their customers the sheer thrill and excitement of winning and enjoying themselves like never before.

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